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This is the story of what happened to Monyei Konyak from India

My parents were followers of Jesus. When my brothers, sisters and I were children, my parents taught us how to follow Jesus too. But when I was a teenager I did not agree with what they said. I chose instead to do wrong things, such as drinking too much strong drink.

"Don't you have eyes?"

The day of my final exam in Class 9 changed everything for me. As my friends and I were walking to school, a boy riding a bicycle came up behind us. He was on his way to school too. He was swerving all over the road. We shouted to him, "What's wrong? Don't you have eyes? Hey, you naughty boy!" The boy quickly cycled on. After we had finished shouting at him, one of my friends.said, "What has happened to your leg?" I looked at the back of my leg and found that it was badly injured. The boy must have hit it while we were shouting at him. I was so shocked that I could not move. I said to my friends, "What shall I do now?" But they went off, knowing that if they stopped with me, they would be late for the exam.

 Was this the end for me?

So I was left alone by the side of the road. I did not know what to do. It is about nine miles from my home to school and I was only half way. I felt as though everything was over for me. I cried as I thought of the exam I was missing and the friends who had left me. I felt the pain in my leg. It was very bad. At last I remembered what my parents had taught me about God and I cried out to him. I said, "Lord, which is the way for me – to say sorry and follow you, or to die?"
An hour passed. Then a man came by on a rickshaw. I did not know him, but he took me to hospital. I had no money with me to pay for treatment but the man helped me with this too. I had to have seven stitches in my leg. When I got home, my family and friends came together to thank God for saving me. The accident to my leg made me think about my life. I asked Jesus Christ to forgive me for turning away from him and from all my parents taught me. I told God I would follow Jesus and do what he wanted for the rest of my life. It was three months before my leg was better. But I knew God had used this accident to show me his love. Now I have a friend who is always with me – Jesus Christ.