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From a reading in New Zealand

"FINAL EXIT" So read a very large sign by the road-side. Now this sign was so large we could not fail to see it. "But what does it mean?" I asked.

"We put that sign up by the roadside to remind people what one day we shall all face - that we all face a final exit from this life into death. We want people to realise there is no way back after we exit this life in death," someone said.

They reminded me, "No one has ever returned to this life after leaving life by death, except Jesus Christ."

How can I?

They added, "We hope this will make people ask questions, such as, 'How can I prepare myself for what will happen when I exit this life in death?'"

Now you should know the Christians' holy book, the Bible, tells us how to prepare ourselves for the life we must live after death. Now the Bible makes something clear. It says many people will suffer much trouble after death.

"But why will this happen?" do you ask?

"Because they did not obtain a new nature to give them new desires in this life," we say.

But the Bible helps us to realise how we can obtain this new nature so we can enjoy life after death as well as now. Yes, many more people each day can say, "I know I have the right desires to enjoy the life I shall live after death. God has given me His Spirit to control my life."