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by Nidal, Middle East

It was the Feast of Ramadan. I had been saying, "Allah, Allah, Allah." Yes fifty times I must have said it. Then I heard this voice speaking to me.

"You cannot be changed by doing this," the voice clearly said to me.

Then suddenly something happened to me. I found I could not speak and could not move! At first as I heard this voice, I thought, "That must be someone from my family speaking." So I opened my eyes to see who it could be. Then I saw a big cross bright and shining!

Now when I was a boy, my father had said, "As a good Muslim, you must pray to God five times a day." He also told me, "You must not eat food in the day during the Feast of Ramadan."

Every day

So I did as my father told me. I also read the Qu'ran every day, and I could repeat parts of the Qu'ran from memory. I was very proud to receive my education in one of our best Islamic Schools. Then I studied at one of our Islamic universities and I made my studies in Sharia (Islamic Law). Later I obtained a job with an Islamic society and collected money for poor people.

However after that experience when that voice spoke to me, I decided, "I must find out what the Christians' holy book says." So I studied the Bible for one and a half years. Now when some people heard about this, they hated me. However I decided, "I must prove if what the Bible says is true."

So I said to God, "I am sorry for all my wrong doings. If Jesus Christ died as punishment for my sin, please give me the power of your Spirit to refuse to obey wrong desires."

That is how my life was changed. Since that day I have travelled to many countries. I tell people what God did for me. I tell them what they can receive from God because Jesus Christ died for them on the Cross. I say, "You can also experience a changed life."