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Kriss Akabusi tells what happened to him at the Edinburgh games.

I am sure many people said about me, "He must be the most happy man in the world!" But they were wrong. Although I had become famous and now had much money, I was not really happy. I found myself asking, "Why does all this not give me real happiness?"

Newspapers said, "Kriss Akabusi is the 1990 European champion. He has also won an Olympic bronze medal."

Now before all this happened, I had thought, "If I can become a champion, I will be happy. I will obtain a lot of money and then enjoy life. I will have a good time."

When I went to the Edinburgh Games, in my hotel bedroom I found a book by my bedside. It was called the 'Good News Bible'. I picked this book up and read some of the things in it. I read what Jesus Christ had said. But I said to myself, "All these things are too difficult for me to do."

I will give you rest

But that night I had a dream. I found myself standing by a river. I heard a voice calling to me from the other side of the river. The voice said, "Come to Me, all you that are tired and finding things difficult, and I will give you rest."

Do you know, I found myself shouting "Jesus!" at the top of my voice.

Then suddenly I awoke. I realised I was different now. I found I had real peace of mind.

So I can now tell my friends what I have found. Being famous with much money never gave me happiness. I now have real happiness. So all I can say to you is this - we are foolish when we think that to be famous and rich will make us happy. I now have a children's TV programme called RECORD BREAKERS. I have no worry about what tomorrow will bring. My life is in God's hands now.