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by S. Ney, Ireland

"I hate you," my father shouted at me. He then hit me again and again. This made my mother cry. Yes, life in my home in Germany was terrible. I was afraid of what my father might do to me next. This fear of what might happen to me made me ill. So after I had eaten food it just came back out of my mouth again. My head always pained me also. So I said, "Maybe smoking will help me," but that caused my breathing to be troubled.

Empty life

 "We can help you," some people in the Satanic church said to me one day. So I joined their church. But then I became ill and was sent to hospital and stayed there for six months. It was after this I said, I will see if the Buddhist religion can help me."

So for two years I became a Buddhist. But I found the Buddhist religion failed to help me. So I decided, "I will try the Hare Krishna religion. Maybe that can help me to find some real meaning for living?"

But I still found that life continued to be empty of any real purpose for living.

"I have tried everything to find happiness," I said to myself. "I can find nothing to satisfy me. Life has no meaning for me. I might as well die." But then one day, I met some people called Christians. They said to me, "We tried everything to obtain happiness in life. Then we found out something. We found that God wanted to be our friend. We learnt also what our real problem in life was. We realised our problem was our wrong desires."

Wrong desires

"Ask God to forgive you for all your wrong doings," those Christians told me. "Tell God 'I believe the death of Jesus Christ was punishment for all my sin.' You will then experience the power of God's Spirit in your life. You will become a new person. Then God will show you what He wants you to do. God will have a plan for you to help other people. You will then experience real happiness in life."

Now I do not need any medicines – God has also healed my body.