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"Why do people in my country believe different things?" thought Abdel Rahman from Iraq.

So he studied various parts of his religion, as well as other religions. He also worked hard to argue with followers of Jesus, and tried to take away their faith in Jesus. Then came the dream.

He remembers, "One night in a dream, I saw a man with a beard talking to me: 'Son,' he asked me, 'Why do you attack my sheep?' I replied, 'Who are you sir?' He answered, 'Jesus Christ.' So, I answered his question: 'I am not attacking your sheep, sir, I am trying to bring your lost sheep back to the straight path.' He said, 'You are the one who is lost; I am the straight path.'"

This made Abdel Rahman very confused, and he left all religion behind. But after a time, he again had a dream and heard a voice. This time, he knew it was Jesus, saying, "Run away from your country NOW!"

Escape from Iraq

"This voice was very insistent, so I woke up and packed my things. In a few hours, I was outside Iraq and going to my family in another country."

When Abdel telephoned his mother, she told him that Saddam Hussein's police were looking for him. This was because of something his father had done years before. She said that he must never come back to Iraq.

"After that, I dreamed again of Jesus, and he said to me, 'I love you. Why don't you love me too? Come to me because I have a plan for you.' I woke up crying. He was looking for me, and I was trying to escape from him! He wanted me to be with him, and I was not. He had saved me from Saddam's torture squad, so I told him, 'I'm coming to you, Jesus, even if this costs me my life.' At that moment, Jesus changed my life. He became a friend to me and I trusted him to take away all I had done wrong, and to be the ruler of my life."