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by the SOON Editor

"They are coming again," I heard someone shout that day. So I looked and, yes, I could see the first of the 500,000 wildebeest running towards us from Kenya into Tanzania. Someone asked, "Why are they coming?"

I explained, "They are coming to feed on the grass they need here in Tanzania. These animals know they need this grass for the babies to be born healthy."

However we knew thousands of those wildebeest that rushed past us that day would never return to Kenya. We knew lions would kills some of them, and others would be eaten by crocodiles. Some we knew would drown in rivers they had to cross over. However each year they come from Kenya.

How long?

"How long do they stay in Tanzania?" do you ask? "Until the grass dies up here in Tanzania, these animals will stay. Then they will travel the 150 miles back to Kenya."

You may ask, "How do they know there is this grass in Tanzania that they need?"

I suggest to you: Someone must have given them the idea. I suggest the only way to explain this is to believe that 'Someone' was God.