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by Levison Kayafa, Malawi

Suddenly there was bright flash in the sky. Lightning shot across the sky. Then there followed a very loud sound of thunder. Now as this happened, I fell to the ground as I was hit by the lightning. My SOON Club members rushed up to me. They thought the lightning had killed me, and I was dead.

Finding I was not dead, they lifted me up and carried me home. But for several months I suffered very much for the way the lightning burnt me.

He heard

But my SOON Club members cried to God, "God, please heal Levison's body." I know God heard their cry for me. Slowly I began to get better and I was able to walk around again.

Then I said to my SOON club members, "As soon as I am able, we will go and tell people what God has done for me."

Now God could help you to start a SOON Readers' Club, and have friends that could help you, as mine have done.