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by the SOON Editor

"They killed my father and they also killed my uncle who was the President of USA," says Robert Kennedy Jr. He adds, "And there is something killing me also. I cannot stop myself from drinking too much strong drink. Drinking too much is killing me."

But Robert Kennedy Jr has decided, "I was born to be like this. So I do not blame myself for this habit of drinking too much. I blame the way I was born. The desire was in my blood to want to drink. There is no way for me to escape from this killing habit."

There was no way

We say to Robert Kennedy, "You are wrong to say that. Thousands of people are escaping from the killing habit of too much strong drink. Thousands of people could tell you, 'God has given me the power to say no to the desire for strong drink. We asked God for forgiveness for our wrong doings God gave us the power of His Sprit when we did this.'"

We want to help everyone to realise the truth about their problems We tell them, "Your main problem is the wrong nature with which we are all born. But you should know that God is waiting to help you to experience the power of His Spirit in your life. God wants to deliver all of us from killing desires."