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Belinda found escape from fear and worry, claustrophobia and agoraphobia, and tranquillser dependence. Her true story brings hope to others suffering from these problems.

Happily married

I was happily married with two lovely, small daughters when I first began to struggle with worry and fear.

After living in a flat for several years, we moved into a house and our joy should have been complete when I gave birth to a son. Instead, I started feeling inadequate (no use) as a mother, and began taking tranquillisers and sleeping pills.

A curse?

Then, on our holiday, I felt frightened when two gypsy women promised to put a curse on me because I refused the offer of a fortune-telling.

As my children grew older, I began to work part-time, but more and more I felt unable to cope, and ended up in hospital on more than one occasion. I could feel no emotion, unable to laugh or cry, and I became agoraphobic (a fear of open spaces) and claustrophobic (a fear of small spaces). I was so upset when, on his 11th birthday, my son tore up his card, and cried,

"All I want is my mum back, you're not my mum anymore."

God was speaking to me

Then I was invited to a meeting at a local church. I went, not wanting to, but when the South African woman began to speak, I felt that God was speaking directly to me. I went forward to ask other people to pray for me, at the end of the meeting.

The following day, the dreadful pressure I had felt in my head, and all the worry and fear, had disappeared. God had set me free. I always thank Him for what He has done for me, and I hold on to the verse from the Bible,

"God has not given us a spirit of fear. But He has given us a spirit of power and love and self-control."

(Source: New Christian Herald, used with permission)