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Jean's story

From a very early age I had always longed for the good life. I came from a large family. There were eight children, of which I was the youngest, so everything was handed down to me, and it was a luxury to have anything new. I was about the age of sixteen that I first started to slipping out to dances where there were drugs and girls who were prostitutes. It was not long before I was getting involved, smoking pot and 'popping uppers' (drugs).

Then I met the man who was later to introduce me to prostitution. He told me how much he loved me and that he was going to show me the good life. He showed me the good life all right, standing on the street corners in Soho in all kinds of weather. This went on for years and I had not found the good life yet, only misery and making pimps rich and me still poor.

In 1980 I was admitted into a Christian hospital where everyone on the staff was so lovely. They were always asking me to come to their meetings, which I refused. Then one night the lady in the next bed woke me up with her speaking to Jesus. She was begging Him not to take her yet, saying she would come later, but after a few minutes she died. It was then that fear took over. I realised that there was a God and at the end He came to take you. I knew that woman was asking for time because she had told me that she did not believe in God. I knew then that I had to find out about God before it was too late.

I became a member of a house church in London and I can say that at last I have found the good life, which I had been searching for all my life. I had always thought of religion as being miserable and boring. Well, it is not a bit like that, its full of joy and happiness. I know have real good friends who mean so much to me, and best of all, I have salvation, received forgiveness for all my wrong, my sins. God has forgiven all the wrong things in my life, so that when I die and leave the world I am on my way to heaven. Praise God!

I now feel clean. My heavy smoking and drinking habits have gone. This has happened only by really going to God and asking Him to take them away, as I have continued with Jesus in my life. I cannot think of ever going on without Him at my side.