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I wrote this for you who is searching,
you didn't know this, but God is doing the leading.
He knows you have been lost,
and has chosen this way for you to find him again.
This is for you who was once his, now lost,as the beacon
he has provided for you, to return to him who loves you.


You Say to me, Your relationship with God
is distant,without the closeness you once had.
No matter what you do, you just can't
sense He's hearing you, your cries, your prayers.
The emptiness is a companion to utter loneliness.


Falling away from your relationship,
is deceptively subtle.
It takes time to draw away from your God,
for whatever the reason.
Whatever the cause,
it always leads to one conclusion.
God and you seem distant with each other.


How do I return to you Lord?
What can I do to return to my first love?
What circumstances in the past,
shut  my door of hope?
What trauma or wounding hurt so much,
that  I began to drift away?


Are you a prisoner of the past in any way?
If for only one split second,
did you lose touch with him?
Started to seek the answer to your problem
in your own strength?


Jesus calls me friend.
I have found that Jesus within me, heals others.
How? I listen to your words,
I hear the lies the enemy has told you,
Jesus begins the dialogue between us both,
He uplifts through me your very Spirit,
then understanding comes.


You've listened to the wrong voice for too long.
His Spirit reveals the truth of His love for you,
then you begin to know the hope you put away
when you left Him.
For you know He promised never to leave us,
so we must have done the leaving then.


Your Spiritual eyes are opened,
and you come to know
He never left, … you did.
Returning to him is now simply a choice,
the love was always there.


 "I am the Lord that healeth thee." (Exodus 15:26)

Maranatha Daddy xxx