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The problem page

  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

The illusion page

  • for fun with a difference

True stories

  • about what really happened

There are many ways to improve your level of English:

Read it

Read as many English books, newspapers and magazines as you can find.
We also recommend the English version of the monthly magazine READERS DIGEST. It has short stories and articles. We are offering copies in our competition on the visitor page.

Listen to it

Try some of the radio stations we recommend on the Worldwide Radio schedules page BBC Overseas Service. They have a very good website designed to help English learners and teachers. Look at other learning material online.

VOLTERRE in France has a valuable list of sites for learners and teachers of English and French. Both these sites are highly recommended

Talk it

Talk to friends who are also learning English. Make a rule that perhaps for an hour, or when you go out together, you will only speak English to each other! Find native English-speaking people who will give you conversation practice.

Go to an English language school.

See our section of advice on how to choose a good language school. Visit an English-speaking country.

Maybe we will see you in Britain one day? Look at our Visiting Britain pages.

To assess how easily you will learn, go through our Self-Test on Learning English. This was produced for us by a leading English language school.