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  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

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If you are a student

Obtain an International Student Identity Card.

This is the only accepted proof that you are a student. This card will give you savings on some travel and accommodation, and cheaper or free entry to museums, art galleries and other places of entertainment.
It will also give a discount off membership of the Youth Hostel Association (see our Where to Stay section).

You can obtain a card from your local student travel office or student union.

You can buy a card by mail order from:

National Union of Students

Tel: (44) 08708 413224,

Proof of student status, passport photo, and payment in pounds sterling needed.

If you are under 26

Euro > 26 Card members visiting Britain obtain cheaper prices for some travel, and for many museums and galleries, places to visit, (as well as in many other countries). If you are not a member, join in your country, or ask for a leaflet

Under 26, 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W OAG England

tel: +44 171 823 5363

fax: +44 171 730 5739

There are many discount travel tickets for students and young people, so always carry your identity card. You will find more details of special discounts, for train and bus travel in Britain, and also train travel in Europe, on our rail and bus page.