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Driving licenses

If you have a driving license issued any where except Great Britain you will need to check to see if you can drive a motor vehicle on British roads.

Check the UK government website here to see if your license is valid for driving in the UK:

The Highway Code

The rules for driving safely on British roads can be found in the "Highway Code" - it contains all of the important rules and ways of driving safely both for yourself and for those around you.  British Police expect that you will have read these rules and that you will obey them at all times.

Here is a link to a web page showing  the current "Highway Code":

Documents you will need

As well as a driving license you must have the following documents.

  1. A Valid Driving License (see above)
  2. A valid "Tax disc" showing that the vehicle tax has been paid for the vehicle you are driving.
  3. A valid insurance policy which is effective for both you as driver and the vehicle you are driving.
  4. A test certificate (locally known as an "MOT") verifying that  the vehicle has been tested and found safe (most vehicles need one each year)

Driving is expensive

Though buying a used car in the UK can be very cheap, there may be much higher costs for you to consider.

  • Visitors to Britain may find that a one year insurance to drive may cost several thousand pounds - each year.
  • If a car is old it may not pass the "MOT" safety checks - and repairs may prove very expensive.
  • Fuel in Britain is much more expensive than in some countries because it has a very high tax.

Hiring a Car

Another alternative to owning a car is to hire (rent) one.

Why not use public transport?

Britain has very good public transport - and some of it is very inexpensive.   Check here: