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'Free, as a bird............'

The last Beatles song, 1995, taken from a demo tape by John Lennon


What is freedom?

We so often feel tied down. Like a bird in a net, we cannot get off the ground. So many things hold us down:

    • fear of people
    • fear of the past or future
    • fear of danger, or spirits, or ancestors
    • fear of punishment
    • remembering sad things that have hurt us
    • guilt for the things we have done wrong
    • we feel a failure
    • we cannot be how other people expect us to be
    • we don't have the power to stop doing things, though we know they are wrong or bad for us
    • we don't seem able to do the thing we want to in our lives
    • we don't know why we are here, or where we are going

Is freedom possible from all these things?

Yes, it really is! You can choose freedom. There is a way to be free of these things, to be free to be yourself. You can be free to be what you were made to be, to fulfil the purpose you were created for.


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