Many English teachers find that SOON material helps them in the classroom. 'SOON' is a single sheet easy English paper, containing stories similar to those found in our Exciting True Stories section

If you would like free copies of the 'SOON' paper to be posted to you for your class, please

contact us

cassette We are also able to supply you with a cassette recording of some of the SOON articles read slowly to help pronunciation, please ask. (A sample is available for downloading from Exciting True Stories section.)

You will find many ideas to help you in our LEARNING ENGLISH section.

Some free English Online courses are available elsewhere.

Learn English
Comprehensive resource for studying English online.

Learn English-4u
A collection of newsletters, links and resources on related subjects.

ESL Forums
90% of questions are answered by English language teachers and other active members. Visitors can ask questions without registering although once you register there will be no ads displayed.

English essentials
a great learning system with step by step instructions to help you improve all areas of your English. It has videos, teacher corrections, discussions and more.

English Gateway
Online vocabulary topics for intermediate and advanced ESL learners. Exercises on idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations.

Better English for everyone
"Better English for everyone" provides a complete course in spoken English with mp3 and PDF lessons, and hundreds of links to free interactive exercises and resources on the eight parts of speech, writing, spelling, listening, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, idioms, reading, dictionaries, encyclopedias, translators, diagnostic tests, online newspapers and Internet radio stations from around the world. For more information, contact gtgalacio(at)yahoo(dot)com

English Grammar
completely free blog, fully dedicated to English grammar, offers free video lessons and more.

Here also are some highly recommended links to other sites:

VOLTERRE in France has a valuable list of sites for learners and teachers of English and French.

AN ELEMENTARY GRAMMAR. Produced by the English Institute. Where should punctuation marks go? When should you say 'imply' instead of 'infer'? Is it 'different than' or different to'?

ONLINE Dictionary.......... Link to every online dictionary in many languages

Online Talking Dictionary
Talking dictionary which can provide translations with pronunciation and sound in English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

Add dictionary to your website
You can add our dictionary to your web site for free. You can add our dictionary as a search box somewhere in your pages or as a double click dictionary.

LookWAYup Dictionary/Thesaurus and Translation
is a large online English dictionary that tolerates small spelling errors (U.S. or international spelling), shows definitions for multiple senses of the word, and for each sense shows synonyms, related terms, and usage examples. It optionally translates that sense to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, or German or vice-versa. Within the dictionary, you can double-click on any word in the definition to define it. The premium version has even more features. It also has add-ins for browsers, web sites, PDAs, and mobile phones.




Covers the basics of Dutch.

ESL Magazine
The new top-quality magazine for TESL teachers.

ESL Lounge.com for Teachers
We offer free lesson materials for ESL classes. Fully printable worksheets for all your ESL teaching needs. Song lyrics, reading comprehension, ESL articles, guides to English grammar and teaching ESL around the world. Pronunciation materials and free and printable ESL board games too.

Specializes in advising and providing the latest ESL/EFL/Linguistic jobs posting service, recruiting for English schools and ESL/EFL/Linguistic teachers who teach abroad in a teaching English field worldwide.

A resource page for teachers not just ESL teachers. Includes over 800 worksheets, 1000 plus flashcards, ESL topics, Writing Exercises, Games, and alot more.

ESL Explorer
offers English students the ability to read and write reviews of ESL schools around the world, promoting transparency and accountability within the industry, which leads towards a better education and study abroad experience for students worldwide. Among other things, we also allow students to save money on their studies by comparing program prices, any by offering large discounts to students similar to the Hotwire model.

A useful website for ESL Students.

Students can practice both at school and at home with computers.

Successful TOEFL Test
Discover the best way to prepare for the TOEFL test, learn about its structure and find practical tips concerning different passing methods.

English the International Language
Offers free lessons, resources and advice for learners and teachers of ESL worldwide

Language Project - free grammar and vocabulary exercises
Hundreds of FREE exercises of grammar, vocabulary and discourse. (The Language Project is approved by the British Council.)

Language Project - typical mistakes
Typical language mistakes.(The Language Project is approved by the British Council.)

Studying English Abroad

This article offers valuable advice to learners wishing to spend some time studying in another country.

English Grammar The Easy Way

Excellent Site! English The Easy Way provides writing instruction, resume resources, editing and proofreading tips, common writing errors, English punctuation, and an excellent grammar guide covering all parts of English Grammar. English Editing Proofreading Services!

ALS International

ALS International - Accredited language Services and its affiliates provides certified translations both to and from English for international students applying to schools in the U.S. and abroad

Capita Translation and Interpreting
We offer business translation, personal translation and free translation services. We deliver high quality, fast turnaround translation at very competitive prices. We know how hard it is to win a customer and we also know how easy it is to lose one. That's why you will get second to none from us in everything we ever do.

London School of English -

Learn English by being in daily live situations practicing with your teacher and fellow students.

Learn English in London -

English Language School in London, St Georges offers English Courses for Business People and Students of all ages.

Central London School of Languages
a professional language school located in the financial hub of the City of London offering English Courses in beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

English Course London

Learn English in London UK, with Cactus Language native speakers, qualified trainers.

English courses in London with Twin Group
English Courses in London, Salisbury and Eastbourne, Junior Vacation Centres and accommodation. Our English courses range from General English courses to one-to-one English courses.

Elite Language Institute
With an emphasis on quality of service, customer relationship management, Elite Language Institute is the language training company of choice based in the heart of the city in London.

English School London
UIC London offers a wide range of English courses at English School London by professional teacher.

Learn English

Learn English guide, all about how to learn English and how to speak English.

Dublin School of English
Learn English in Ireland with a variety of English courses at ICE Dublin Schools of English.

International English-speaking Language School in Bournemouth

ETC International College
ETC International College is an English language school accredited by the British Council, established in 1989 and experienced in providing English language training and Special Purposes courses.

Online Language Translations
A one stop solution for all your language translation requirements. Our translation agency provides the highest quality translation service in all languages across a wide spectrum of subjects. Multilingo knows that communication is fundamental to the success of our business. Above all, we understand how important it is to listen carefully to the needs of our clients. Only then can we ensure that our translation service is tailor made to fulfil their translation requirements.

Advertising Translation | Publishing Translations | Translation Expert
Keylingo is an innovative translation company offering services such as advertising translation and publishing translations by a translation expert. Keylingo combines the accuracy of professional human translation with industry leading speed achieved through harnessing the full power of the World Wide Web.

Your Translation Matters
Translation and localisation services to businesses from virtually every sector of trade and industry.

Translations by New Lingo
Professional Translation Services with operations in the UK and New Zealand

Asia Translate
Your trusted provider of quality Asian translation services in Singapore. We provide professional business translation, medical translation, website translation and more. If you need a translation service in Singapore, then we think you've come to the right place.

Ling24 - English language paraphrasing tool
Free online English language paraphrasing tool

Results English

A highly specialised language training service, helping people to build confidence in English for professional and career ends. It involves coaching and improvement strategies which has been used with many professional and business learners.

Free Internet English Lessons

Free listening, reading and vocabulary exercises

Time to Teach - Free Education

We offer a forum, thousands of links, downloads and regularly updated educational reports and much, much more.

ESL PodCards

ESL PodCards is a site dedicated to teachers and students of English. Each week audio postcards are added and are freely available to download to use at home for self-study or in the classroom. Each audio file has an accompanying worksheet.

Improving your English (when your native tongue is another one)

GEOS Oceania English Language Colleges
offer English courses in modern facilities in the Oceania region - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. GEOS English Language Colleges have certainly developed an enviable reputation for providing students with a wonderful cultural experience whilst at the same time ensuring that their educational goals are achieved. GEOS Colleges offer an extensive range of long and part-time courses. In fact, whatever a student's English needs are, they will be met..whether it be the Cambridge Examinations, IELTS or TOEFL preparation etc

provides translation services and career options to English and foreign speakers in the UK.


Library list.
Many libraries are now on the internet. You can see a list on the Yahoo Search engine.

The Internet Public Library.
May help you.

The Worldwide Virtual Library.
A resource for information on many subjects.


Global Campus.
This is a collection of learning material from around the world.

Teach in Latin America

Educational Guide to Space.
This is a visual tour of the solar system.

The American Space Agency.

Look up anything at the Virtual Reference Desk.
A very useful site with links to maps, biography, dictionaries, encyclopedias, history, government, law, science, and world religions.

Live pictures of the world from outer space
See pictures in real time sent by satellite cameras. Zoom in on your country. Brilliant pictures!

Other links you might like to look at:-

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    Friends Of English Club:- a group full of people from all ages and places in the world all with learning English in common.
    To subscribe send email to :

    ESLemployment - Jobs worldwide in ESL/TEFL/TESOL. Contains career-related information, lesson plans, activities and related resources, Completely Free

    EFL Jobs

    Do you want to teach English at home or abroad? Are you seeking a ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESL, or TESOL job, finding your next English teaching is easy with ESLz.com

    TEFL Certification
    ITTO -International Teacher Training Organization- is part of a network of teacher training and language institutes dedicated to providing high quality, highly practical TEFL TESL TESOL courses

    TEFL Courses
    A free advisory website about TEFL and TESOL its course programs,certification processes, and the professional opportunities that goes with it.

    Teaching jobs in China
    Teach in China. English and other subjects.

    Online TEFL courses
    Cactus TEFL Online courses help you learn to teach English as a foreign language from the comfort of your own home. Watch video extracts, submit tasks to a tutor, reflect and learn.

    TEFL weekend courses
    Cactus offers weekend and weekend and online TEFL courses: learn the basics of teaching English as a foreign language in a weekend, extend your knowledge through related online TEFL components.

    Quinn's World of TEFL
    A new TEFL jobs and ESL resources site for teaching English around the world. Browse jobs boards and post vacancy details.

    Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
    An educational site that helps you learn English vocabulary

    SAT Preparation
    An educational site that helps high school students prepare for the vocabulary section of the new SAT exam. The site is also useful to anyone that would like to improve their English vocabulary. There are over 3,000 multiple choice questions divided into 21 groups. There is also a database browser to review and print the questions and the correct answers.

    An online maths, language arts, science, and social studies, preschool to middleschool curriculum. It's an online home-based learning system with multimedia lessons, interactive exercises, printable worksheets, assessments and quizzes for use in homeschool, tutoring, or summer programs. Kids love the learning games, parents love the low cost and reports.

    Links to English testing sites

    Test your English now
    Free English testing service

    International Student page
    Student? We may be able to help
    Message from the Stars
    See what well known stars have to say
    Problems of life
    We all have problems, we may have the answer
    A News story you did not hear

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  that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 
                                                      John 3v16

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